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Herbed Ham Quiche



200g/7oz cottage cheese

150mL/5oz evaporated milk

3 eggs

1 tblspn French mustard

185g/6oz ham

1 tblspn chives

90g/3oz cheese


Place cottage cheese, milk, eggs and mustard in blender and blend until smooth.

Add remaining ingredients.

Mix well and add to pastry shell.

Bake 30 mins in mod oven (180C/350F).



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The boys have been requesting pancakes for breakfast quite a lot lately.

This is my standard recipe :

1 cup flour

2 tablespoons sugar

1 egg

3/4 cup milk

Combine sugar and flour. Stir in egg. Whisk in 1/2 of milk. Slowly add milk until the texture is thick and smooth but pourable (may need more or less milk). Heat a pan over medium heat and add butter. Pour large spoonfuls of batter into the pan. Turn when bubbles appear and remove when cooked on both sides.

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Turkey and Cranberry Sauce

Who knew cranberry sauce was this easy to make ?

4 cups cranberries

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

Put sugar and water in a saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer until sugar is dissolved. Add cranberries and bring back to the boil, simmer 10 mins or until cranberries have burst. Suace thickens up standing and you can add nuts, cinnamon or nutmeg if you wish !

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Here’s how I make my quiche :


1 cup plain flour

90g/3oz butter

1 egg yolk

1 tblspn lemon juice.


Rub butter into flour, add egg yolk and enough lemon juice to mix to firm dough.

Refrigerate for 30 mins.

Roll out and place in dish.

Line pastry with greaseproof paper and fill with rice/beans.

Bake in mod hot oven (180C/350F) 10 mins.

Remove paper and rice, bake further 5 mins.

  For the filling I use 3-4 eggs, a cup of milk, grated cheese (any combination of cheddar, mozzarella or whatever else I have) and then whatever fillings you like. The kids like ham, tomato and corn (can use canned or frozen) and I usually some dried Italian herbs or fresh basil. You can really put almost anything you like in there though .. Bake for 45 mins at 180C/350F or until starting to brown on top. Serve warm or cold.

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